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SATs at Lowerplace

Keep Calm SATs

Year 2:

Year 2 had their first SAT this morning. This year, the tests for Year 2 will be spaced out over the month of May, rather than concentrated into one week. It is crucial that your child attend school on time every day during the test period.

Year 6:

SATs have started for Year 6 this morning, after an excellent Breakfast Club session – a special Year 6 SATs Breakfast Club is happening in the Junior Dining Hall every morning this week, which is free for all Year 6 children to attend. An early start, a hearty breakfast and some calming yoga before school starts means that our Year 6 classes are relaxed and ready for the tests.

Here’s a quick reminder of the dates of the tests:

Y6 SATs timetable 2016

Please make sure your Year 6 child is in school early for Breakfast Club (which starts at 8am) every day this week, and please do not book any appointments during this week.

On Friday 13th May, we’ll be holding the Year 6 SATs celebration morning in the Junior Hall, starting at 9:45am. It’s also Go Green Day for Springhill Hospice, so we’re asking children to come into school wearing something green (whether that’s a t-shirt, a hairband, or that Ninja Turtle costume they just can’t seem to bear to part with) and don’t forget to bring your fundraising ‘Change Box’ with whatever spare change you’ve managed to collect!

Get Set for Sports Day!


We’re holding Lowerplace Sports Day this year on Tuesday 16th June. The event will be held on the school field.

The timings for the event are as follows:

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1: 9.00am until 11.45am
Key Stage 2: 1pm until 3pm

The Commando Joes’ team will be there too and bringing an assault course to the games again!

We will endeavour to proceed with the games come rain or shine. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, please ensure your child has suitable protection from the sun, including a hat, sun lotion and water. As always, please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit with them for the day (white t-shirt, shorts and pumps) as they will be unable to participate if they do not have the correct clothing.

SATs Breakfast Club


It was toast galore this morning in the KS2 Dining Hall! It really was wonderful to see so many of you turn up for our Free Y6 SATs Breakfast Club this morning.

We hope that this club will give you a relaxed and calm start to the day.

Letters went home to parents on Friday, inviting all Y6 children’s younger siblings to our normal daily Breakfast Club for SATs week only, which is based in the KS1 Hall. This provision is free, and we encourage younger siblings to come and take part. Each day we have activities such as yoga, WiiFit, indoor golf and games, as well as the wonderful breakfast menu of course!

Both clubs are open from 8am.

Year 6 SAT’s Week 2013


Dear Parents/Carers,

I am sure you are aware that your child will be taking their SAT’s tests from Monday 13th May.

Here are some important details that you need to be aware of;

* Attendance is COMPULSORY during SAT’s Week. There is no opportunity to ‘re-take’ any of the tests.

* Absences will NOT be authorised during SAT’s Week.

* Dental/Doctors/Hospital appointments must not be made for SAT’s Week.

* Children who are absent for their SAT’s are reported to the Local Authority.

* Punctuality is of utmost importance, as we will have no choice but to delay the start of the tests until your child is here. If in an extreme circumstance you expect to be late, please inform the school office.

* We are offering a FREE Breakfast Club for Y6 Pupils only for the whole week. 8am onwards in the KS2 Dining Hall, breakfast provided. This also gives the children a good opportunity to relax with their friends before starting the tests.

* Early nights and healthy eating will help to ensure their brains are ready to go!

We thank you in advance for your support and co-operation in this matter.