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Lowerplace is now a Lead School for Computing At School

Mr Hall has been working hard to get Lowerplace ready to be a Lead School in the Computing At School (CAS) programme, and he is now a Computing At School Master Teacher!

The CAS website explains that: the CAS Lead Schools are an important part of the development of local communities of practice for computing together with the CAS hubs, the CAS Regional Centres, CAS Master Teachers and university partners.

The CAS Lead Schools recognise that Computing as a subject is important, and it is part of the school development plan; will have developed a broad and balanced computing curriculum that shows clear planned progression, and offer to support other at least one other school in their community through sharing good practice.

Both school-based support for the subject and the offering of support in a local community of schools are important for maintaining the status of a CAS Lead School. At the end of each academic year Lead Schools are required to complete an activity audit in order to maintain their status as a lead School in the NoE.