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Attendance Winners This Week!

In our first Attendance Award Assembly of the Autumn Term, the awards go to:

Joint 1st Place – 4b and 6a with 98.3%
2nd Place – 1a with 98%

Punctuality Awards go to:
FS – Not applicable as they are on part-time
KS1 – All of Year 1 and Class 2b
KS2 – 3b and 6b

A fantastic effort on everyone’s part!

Oldham Cats Rescue Centre

On Wednesday 3rd July 2013 we are hoping to raise money for the Oldham Cats Rescue Centre in Middleton. Oldham Cats Rescue is a charity which helps to rescue and rehome unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens.

You may have heard already about the Charity from your child, as three years ago Mr and Mr Hanes adopted a cat which took residence under our Portakabin and the children named her ‘Tiddles’.
Mr and Mrs Hanes are volunteers for the Rescue and have since fostered and cared for hundreds of cats and kittens who have survived and are now fortunate enough to have loving ‘forever’ homes, including that of several members of our staff.

As a school we would like to support the charity as they solely rely on donations, charity and staff volunteers. We also feel it would show the children the importance of commitment when looking after a pet if they own one. We feel it’s also important that children understand how to care within our community. Our Yr 3 children in particular are exploring what goes on at the Rescue as part of their RE/ PSHCE topic.

As a theme for the day we would like children to either dress up as a cat, draw whiskers on their faces and /or wear cat’s ears. We would ask for a £1 donation per child on the day. We will also be selling themed biscuits at break time at a charge of 50p.

All the proceeds on the day will go to the charity and will help to feed and medicate the cats and kittens.

We will also hold a special Assembly on the day when we will choose the best set of whisker’s from each Class and a prize will be awarded. This should be a lovely day and we hope you will support us in our endeavours.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

And this week’s “Best Attendance” Winners are…..

What can I say? Everyone has done brilliantly again, but huge congratulations to Class 4b in particular who I know have worked so hard for this. Keep it up! More of this and you could work towards being the overall term winners at Easter.

The Punctuality Award this week goes to Classes Rb, 1b and 5b. For the moment we will continue to announce the winners in the Friday assembly, but soon you will see a very special display in each Key Stage Hall that will track which class is winning the race towards having the best punctuality.

Miss H

MedEquip4Kids Assembly

This morning the MedEquip4Kids team are in school giving an assembly. They are an organisation who raise money to provide equipment for hospitals, which normally the hospitals wouldn’t be able to afford.

Did you know that MedEquip4Kids have raised the money to fund 8 separate projects at Rochdale Infirmary?

It is such a great cause and I’m excited to see how Lowerplace School is going to support them in their fundraising efforts!

Miss H