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Attendance Winners

The Attendance Winners for last week (w/e 8th March) were;

1st Place – 4a with 97.8%
2nd Place – 1c with 97.7%
3rd Place – Rc with 97.7%

Our Punctuality Awards went to;
Rb, Rc, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3b, 5b and 6b.

I would like to say a huge well done to Class 6b who really have been making a concentrated effort to improve their whole class attendance. Your percentage is improving! Keep it up!

Miss Healey

Attendance Winners

The Attendance Winners this week are:
1st Place – Class 3b with 98.9%
2nd Place – Class 2a with 98.3%
3rd Place – Class Ra with 92.4%

A huge Well Done to Class Ra as this is the first time they have won it since the last academic year. I really hope you guys can keep up the good work!

Punctuality Awards this week go to:
Class Rb, 1a, 2b, 5a and 5b.

Miss Healey

Disco Dudes & Divas

It was brilliant to see so many of you come out to the Disco on the 18th October! Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to the music that DJ Barry played. We saw some amazing dancing from Joe in 3b, Korie in 4a and even Mr Hanes showed us some moves!

We managed to raise £140 which will be donated to Oldham Cats in Middleton. Mr and Mrs Hanes volunteer tirelessly for the charity, and as a school we have enjoyed seeing and hearing about the work they do.

Thank you to everyone who came out on the night!

October Disco on PhotoPeach

Attendance Winners this week & last…

Best Weekly Attendance LAST week, 5th October, went to:
1st Place – Class 6a with 99.4%
2nd Place – Class Rc with 99%
3rd Place – Class 2b with 97.1%

And the Punctuality Awards went to:
FS – Class Rb and Rc
KS1 – Class 1a
KS2 – Class 6a

And the Best Weekly Attendance for this week, 12th October, goes to:
1st Place – Rc with 99%
2nd Place – 6a with 98.2%
3rd Place – 1b with 95.1%

And the Punctuality Awards go to:
FS – Class Rb and Rc
KS1 – Class 1a and 1c
KS2 – Class 3b and 6a

I would like to say a huge well done to Class Rc, who despite having only been in school for a mere 5 weeks, have managed to win a Best Weekly Attendance Award each week AND the Punctuality Award!! What a fantastic acheivement, we are all very proud of you.

Miss H

And this week’s “Best Attendance Winners” are….

Ok, so is anyone else getting deja vu? Another fantastic result for these three classes, two weeks in a row!

The Punctuality Awards this week go to Rb (4 weeks in a row), 2b (2 weeks in a row) and in KS2 it goes to 3b, 4b and 6b. KS2 – I have to say I am really impressed at how you are pulling together and improving your punctuality!

Well done everybody! Miss H.

And last weeks “Best Attendance” Winners were…

Posting this a little later than usual, but it’s still a fantastic result for last week’s attendance winners. Miss Buckley tells me Class Rc are working especially hard to improve their attendance, and you can really tell!

The Punctuality Award this week goes to Classes Rb (again!), 2b and in KS2 the joint winners are 3b and 4a. All the winners of the Punctuality Award have had NO lates in their class for the entire week. Every class can acheive this, you just need to encourage each other.

Keep up the hard work everybody!
Miss H