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Attendance Award Friday 15th January 2016

Our Attendance Winners this week;

FS & KS1 – Class 1a 96.7%
KS2 – Class 3a 100%

Punctuality Winners;

Ra, Rb, 1a, 1b, 2a, 2c
3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b

100% attendance

Last week we held our 100% Attendance Winners Reward Day for the Autumn Term. We had 185 winners, and they were rewarded with a Daylight Disco where they danced the day away! We are so proud to celebrate our children’s achievements in attendance, and we recognise that the support of parents makes all the difference in this matter. So far, we have had an excellent start to the Spring Term too, and we hope this continues towards Easter.

If you encounter any difficulties in getting your child to school, then please contact Mrs Mulkeen, our Family Outreach Officer, who will be able to offer you support.

Attendance Award Friday 10th July 2015

Attendance Winners Week Ending 10th July 2015
Joint 1st Place – 6b and 1b with 98.8%
2nd Place – Rb with 95.4%

Punctuality Awards:

Don’t forget – there are still 8 more teaching days left before we break for the Summer Holidays. Children need to be in school each day and on time. We will conduct random “late stops” throughout the next week to ensure children get into the classroom on time each day.

We will announce the winners of our 100% Attendance Awards for the Summer Term and the Whole Year on Wednesday 22nd July. Winners will take part in a fantastic Reward Day on the last day of term. Children must be in school every day up to this date to win!

We thank our parents for their support with school attendance and punctuality 🙂

Autumn Term Attendance Awards 2015

I am pleased to announce the winners of our Spring Term Attendance Awards!

Whole School Best Class Attendance Awards for the Spring Term go to:
1st Place – 4b with 97.3%
2nd Place – 2b with 97.2%
3rd Place – Rb with 95.2%

Overall there were 156 children who won 100% Attendance for the Spring Term. This is a huge achievement and we are incredibly proud of each of the children who won. They will be invited to take part in a Daylight Disco tomorrow afternoon to reward them for coming to school every single day since Christmas. Come back to the blog to see photographs after the event!

I would like to give a special mention to the following pupils who all worked very hard to improve on their attendance and/or their punctuality. They each won a small gift.
Zayan, Tyesha, Alessandro, Callum, Kacie, Brooke, Courtney, Sana and Anisa – Well Done!

Mrs Mulkeen

Attendance Winners Friday 27th March 2015

We are getting close to our target of reduced lateness. This week there were 33 children who arrived late for school. Let’s see if we can bring that figure lower than 30 before we break for Easter!

Parents – please remember to try to make appointments and check-ups outside of the school day. We understand that hospital appointments are difficult to rearrange and so allowances are made for these.

Our 100% Attendance Award day is next Wednesday 1st April. The children who win will be invited to take part in a Daylight Disco during the afternoon, and should bring party clothes with them to change into.

Attendance Awards on 27th March go to:
1st Place – 4b with 99.6%
2nd Place – 2b with 98.3%
Joint 3rd Place – Ra with 96%

Punctuality Awards
FS – Rb
KS1 – No winners 🙁
KS2 – 4a and 6a

Attendance Winners


Attendance Awards on 2nd October go to:

1st Place – 2b with 100%
2nd Place – 4b with 99.4%
3rd Place – Rb with 98.6%

We have got some fantastic percentages here, I am so proud!

Punctuality Awards
FS – Class Ra and Rb
KS1 – Class 2b and 2c
KS2 – No winners

Come on Key Stage 2! There was a slight improvement in numbers of children who were late this week compared with last week, but it still isn’t brilliant. Don’t be the one to let your class down – be one of Mrs Mulkeen’s Punctual People!

Mrs Mulkeen

Attendance Winners

Attendance Awards on 26th September go to:

1st Place – 2b with 100%
2nd Place – 4a with 99.4%
3rd Place – Rb with 98.2%

Punctuality Awards
FS – Class Rb
KS1 – Class 2a and 2b
KS2 – No winners – this is disappointing after the great start we had next week 🙁

Mrs Mulkeen and Mrs Earl will be conducting punctuality ‘spot-checks’ over the coming weeks and speaking to the parents of children who arrive late in school.

Remember, we open our doors at 8.50am each day to encourage a calm and structured start to the school day. Please support us to establish good punctuality for our children.

Attendance Winners

What a fantastic start to the Autumn Term! We are so pleased to see our children back in school and ready to learn.

We have ended the week on 95.3% attendance which is wonderful.

The Attendance Award Winners this week were:
1st Place – JOINT WINNERS! – Classes 1c, 2b and 4a with 100%
2nd Place – Class Ra with 96.4%

The Punctuality Award Winners this week were:
FS – Class Ra and Rb
KS1 – Class 2c
KS2 – Class 3b, 3c and 6a

Well done everyone!