Inclusion & Family Outreach

We would like to introduce the members of staff who make up our Inclusion Team.

Family Outreach
Hello, my name is Nichole Mulkeen, and I am the Family Outreach Worker at Lowerplace.
Nichole Mulkeen
I have been part of this school team for 13 years and have experience of working with children & parents in a pastoral care role. I am on hand to support families through a wide range of issues.

I am a CAF Champion and work closely with families going through the CAF process. Alongside this, I am also the Operational Safeguarding Lead, and represent the school through the Child in Need and Child Protection process.

We understand that many families go through times which can often make balancing school and home-life difficult. Often, these times can have an impact on the emotional welfare of children. At Lowerplace, we offer many different pathways of support which we hope will help to remove any barriers that your family may encounter during your child’s life at school.

An example of some of the areas I can support families:
* Parenting skills * Mental & physical health needs * New starts & settling in * Getting to school on time & good school attendance * Housing & finance * Family & relationship difficulties * Domestic Abuse/Violence support * Bereavement & loss * Training, education & employment * In-house interventions – Learning Mentor, SEN, Behaviour * Sign-posting/referrals to other agencies *
If you would like to see me to discuss any matters close to your heart – big or small – then you are welcome to telephone me or drop in to the KS1 office. No appointment necessary.

Learning Mentor
My name is Barbara Kelly and I am the Learning Mentor at Lowerplace.
Barbara Kelly
I have worked at Lowerplace for 15 years and feel passionate about my role supporting all children to reach their full potential, and breaking down barriers to their learning.

My work often includes working with children with behavioural difficulties, complex emotional needs, special educational needs and children from families with challenging backgrounds.
I offer a comprehensive range of interventions and therapeutic inclusion programmes to our pupils. Usually, children’s needs are brought to me by the Class Teacher, however there are sometimes occasions where a parent may highlight a need which I am able to support.

Below are some examples of work I may do with your child:
* Listening & learning skills * Confidence, self-esteem & friendship skills * Promoting positive behaviour * Expressing emotions & feelings * Assessing emotional literacy * Training Playground Pals * Counselling * Understanding relationships * Developing respect, genuineness and empathy * Supporting with transition to high school * Bereavement & loss * Pyramid Clubs * Behaviour Management * Circle Time * Children’s Counselling * Social Use of Language Programme (SULP) * Dinosaur School * SUMO * Bereavement & loss * Sign-posting/referrals to other agencies *

Hi, I’m Mandy Hughes and I have been the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) at Lowerplace for 6 years.
Mandy Hughes
I have overall responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision, as well as Safeguarding and Child Protection responsibilities.

All staff at Lowerplace are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for all children. We are an inclusive school, working with parents/carers and a range of professionals to ensure the best education for all.

I work very closely with Mrs Kelly, Mrs Mulkeen and class teachers to ensure that children’s needs are quickly identified and that the right provision is in place to help every pupil make good progress.

If a teacher has any concerns about the progress or attainment of a child, I am able to support with advice around differentiated teaching, additional support, interventions or nurture programmes. When a child is identified as having special needs over and above the level where these methods would succeed then they may be referred for specific assessments. This would be done with parental consent, and we encourage parents to be fully involved in working with us to shape their child’s learning journey at Lowerplace. We are also able to access support from external agencies, as appropriate, including:
* Speech & Language Therapists * Educational Psychologists * Rochdale Additional Needs Service (RANS) * Child & Adult Mental Health Service (CAMHS) * Occupational Therapists * Hearing Impairment Advisory Teachers * Visual Impairment Advisory Teachers *

Family Learning
Hello, I am Masuda Kabir and I am the Family Learning Coordinator at Lowerplace.
Masuda Kabir
My role includes organising classes & events and supporting parents to access adult learning. I am also a Teaching Assistant, working in class for part of each week.

At Lowerplace we strongly believe that adults who engage in learning of any kind are better equipped to support their child throughout their time in school. I am passionate about ensuring our Mums, Dads, Carers and even Grandparents are fully involved in school life and have opportunities to further their own education.

We feel that not only do our children shine, but our parents do too. We offer an extensive rolling programme of training and courses, most of which are completely free. Some of these courses help develop your understanding of the curriculum your child follows, some give you the opportunity to add to your CV, and some are purely for enjoyment!

There are opportunities to socialise every week. We are very lucky to have a group of parents who are kind enough to offer their free time to us, assisting with organising School Fairs, coffee mornings, Melas and other celebrations.

Some of the courses we have offered include;
* Family Literacy *Adult Literacy and Numeracy * Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyles * Zumba & Fitness * Islamic Studies * ESOL * Cookery * Garment Making and Sewing * Computing & Crafting * Driving Theory * Level 1 & 2 Qualifications in Maths/English *

If you feel like you could benefit from support from our Inclusion Team, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff or the office for confidential advice and referrals.

We are here to help!