Attendance at Lowerplace

At Lowerplace School we really value the effect that good attendance has on each child’s educational attainment.

We expect each of our pupils to achieve at least 95% attendance, to give them the best possible chance to reach their full potential.

Whilst we understand that illness cannot be avoided, we ask parents to support us in encouraging this good level of attendance.

Within school we run a series of events to inspire our pupils to achieve this standard. Each week, one class is awarded “Best Attendance in Key Stage”, which is announced in the weekly assembly. A certificate and a much coveted trophy are taken back to the winning class.

Each term, children who have 100% Attendance, along with the class with the best over all attendance, take part in a fantastic reward activity. Last year we were lucky enough to book a wonderful Circus Workshop one term, a Birds of Prey handling session for another term, and the ever popular Pyjama and Movie Afternoon for another.

To assist us in keeping our attendance standards so high, we enlist the support of the Education Welfare Service. Together we run a close monitoring cycle each month, and regularly meet with parent’s who are finding it hard to maintain their child’s attendance at school.

If a child’s attendance is very poor, we refer the parents to the Local Authority, who will issue them with a Fixed Penalty Notice Fines.

With regards to Term-Time Holidays, we operate a “Zero-Tolerance Policy”. If you need to take your child out of school for any length of time during term time, it is of utmost importance that the school is informed. Holidays and term-time absences will not be authorised, and again, in line with Government Legislation and Local Authority Guidelines, a Penalty Notice Fine will be issued after 5 or more days of absence. All parents who inform the school of a Term-Time Holidays will be invited to a meeting to discuss the planned absence. We are also permitted to remove a child from our School register if they have been out of the country for 20 or more school days.

More information can be found in our detailed Attendance and Term Time Holiday Policy, which can be downloaded here —-> Attendance and Term Time Holidays Policy 2015

We hope that you will support us in ensuring the best for your child, through good attendance at school.