Admissions & Our Prospectus

All admissions to primary schools in Rochdale are managed by Rochdale Pupil Services Team.
You can contact the team at any time to discuss your needs.

School Admissions / Early Help and Schools
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
Rochdale OL16 1XU
te: 01706 925982

Within-Year Admissions
If you move in to the Borough outside the normal admission round (September), or if you want to change schools then you apply to the Pupil Services Team for a place.

For all other admission applications that do not include a house move, your admission will normally be delayed until the start of the next half term. This is both to minimise disruption to your child’s education, and to class structures.

Once you have been notified by the Council that we have a place available for your child, you should contact us immediately. We will then arrange an Admission Meeting with our Headteacher and Family Outreach Officer to discuss your child, and how best we can support them in their school move.

You must complete PART 1 of the Transfer Form and your child’s current school must complete PART 2, and submit it to the Pupil Services Team. Your current school will need to see a completed Part 1 to be able to complete their forms.
In Year Transfer Application – PART 1

In Year Transfer Application – PART 2

To view our Prospectus, click on the image below. If you have any further questions about Lowerplace, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Prospectus 2013